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But where to start?

How about a name.  Not as easy as it sounds.  Try coming up with a name that’s not too hard to spell, say, or remember.  But most importantly, not already taken! Because we were going to be making a kid’s item, we wanted it to be silly and fun.  But nothing specific, not knowing where we’d end up taking this biz in the long run.  We googled silly words, and asked family, and made lists.  And slept on it over and over and over again. We like things like Hulabaloo or Tiddlywinks.  But they were all taken. So we’d start looking again.

Now, I’m not one to give up, but I’d just about had it.  Until one day when Leslie called and said how about Lee Lee.  You know; Sal-Lee (thats me if I haven’t told you that) and Les-Lee.  Get it?

Yes! Good enough!  Let’s be done with it…. And it kind of had a ring to it.

Street came next – we just thought of words that would sound ok following Lee Lee and we came up with Street (we live down the street from each other).  Maybe it was meant to be because the domain name was available!  So we hopped right on it.  LeeLee Street.  Thats us.

Enough of this should I or shouldn’t I!  I’m just going to jump in and start writing.  I’ve tried to research all kinds of info about blogging and poll people about what blogs they read and why.  All that did was get me addicted to blogs.  So… well… here goes…

My current plan is to write a couple times a week.  I am a busy, work-from-home mom after all.  Who knows if I’ll even have enough time for that!

The purpose of this blog is to share my experiences in getting a start up business running, and keeping it going, at the same time as being a mom to 3 little boys.  I have a 9 (almost 10) year old, and twin 6 (almost 7) year olds, so life if pretty hectic around here.  Add to that, the marketing and business aspects of a company, and I barely have time to cook dinner!

I hope you enjoy.  And maybe even pick up a pointer or two – if I can come up with any!