(Ooops!  Guess writing a bunch of drafts all at once may not have been the best idea!  I posted the 3rd blog, before the 2nd.  Try to mentally insert this part of the story before the Where to Start part, ok?  Sorry for the confusion.)

Well, not that way back – just back 8 months to June of 2011.

My friend and neighbor, Leslie, and I had worked closely together for almost a year putting on a huge craft fair fundraiser for our kids’ elementary school. We also both sold at the fair.  I sold my upcycled food packaging accessories (http://www.facebook.com/Sup.cycling) and she sold primarily jewelry (http://www.facebook.com/#!/beJewelry). When she found the detail work of making jewelry was giving her headaches, she added shaped crayons to her product mix at the last minute.  And the crayons sold better than the jewelry!

Thinking the crayons had promise, Leslie asked me if I wanted to go into business with her.  She wanted to take them to the next level and really go for it. Hopefully the crayons would become the first stepping stone to a much bigger product line. So, needing some mental stimulation after being “retired” for the last 2 years, I of course said yes!

My background is in advertising/marketing/business, print production and project/event management.  Leslie’s strengths are her natural sales ability, her very creative mind, her ability to research and figure things out, and her just-get-it-done-now work style.  Did I mention, her creative mind?  And we’re both workaholics.  So we complement each other really well.

And so a business was born.  At least a concept of a business.