So here we are on the morning after the Super Bowl and a depressing (at least for us New Englanders) loss by the Pats.  I’ve gotten to thinking about the sport of football.  I’m glad that my son is almost as enthusiastic about the game as his dad is.  But I’m also thankful that he still thinks its goofy when his dad stands up and cheers at the top of his lungs for a good play!  Last night my little guy said “I can literally feel my heart pounding in my chest” during the last minute of the game.  I’m happy he’s finally found a team sport that he enjoys playing.  Although to this point, he has only played flag football.

Which brings up my issue.  I’m sure this is only an issue for a mom and I happen to be a rather big worry wort of a mom.  My son, who will be 10 when the season starts, now wants to play tackle football. Should I let my little boy play this particularly violent sport?  I watch these players on TV take these world rocking hits, have a pile of 300 pound men jump on top of them, and literally fall on their head, and wonder why they don’t get broken.  My husband says its because they work out so much that their bulky muscles protect things like their necks from breaking.  But my 10 year old son, does not work out.  And although he’s no lightweight, he would certainly be broken by that kind of roughness.

Its not that he hasn’t been broken before. He broke his arm when he was only 5 by falling off the monkey bars at the park. So I’ve seen him truly injured and I survived it (as did he).  But do I purposely let him “play” something where the odds of bodily damage go up exponentially, and knowingly put him in the way of danger?

Or… perhaps, this will turn out to be a good outlet for him. He’s got a temper (huh, no idea where he could have gotten that from!), and tends to be a bit agressive. Maybe this is the perfect place for him to beat on things legally instead of using his little brothers.  Maybe he’ll be so pooped when he gets home from practice, that he won’t have the energy left to try to get his brothers riled up.  Hmmmm….

Wow, what would I ever do if he came to me and said he wanted to join the military!!!!