What was I thinking?

As I was giving in to my Pinterest addiction one night, I fell upon the cutest monster bookmark
(http://pinterest.com/pin/245375879667005379/) and somehow that led me to a similar Angry Birds bookmark.  Then a lightbulb went off in my head:  Because our school doesn’t allow treats in the classroom anymore, I’ll make these for my sons to give for Valentine’s Day!

Not the best idea I ever had.  Sure, they’re fun, useful, reading related, and of course Angry Birds are all the rage these days.  So they should be a big hit.  Wish I had reminded myself of that at 11:30pm on Sunday and Monday nights while I was STILL up making 42 of these!  I just thank goodness my 3rd son said no thanks and went with store bought Spongebob tattoos instead.  I would have committed hara-kiri if I had to make 62.

There are 9 parts on each of these.  That equals 378 individually traced, hand cut, and glue sticked miserable pieces!

But… aren’t they cute????