Now that we had a name, we had to develop a logo to be able to use it.

How exciting – I got to play on the computer (with my very limited knowledge of how to do that!). My original thought was to find a font that looked like the letters were drawn with a crayon.  My husband works at an ad agency so his computer has hundreds and hundreds of fonts on it.  There are alphabets made out of Legos and alphabets made out of clouds, but not one that looked colored with a crayon. So I went thru and chose a bunch of funky and unique fonts, set “LeeLee Street” in them, and then narrowed that huge list down to just a few. Turned out that both Leslie and I liked the same one best.

Then came color.  I put the type in a million different color combos.  Originally we were thinking of using 3 colors.  But my print production experience snapped into gear and said a 3-color logo would be too expensive to produce, better make it just 2 colors.  So I did.  However, which 2 colors was harder to agree on – we didn’t both like the same one best at first. After lots of go rounds we finally decided on orange and blue.

But exactly what orange and blue? I examined every orange and blue PMS chip in the book, played with them next to each other, looked at swatches of them on my computer screen, Leslie’s computer screen, printed out on my color printer, Leslie’s color printer and my husbands work color printer (all of which looked slightly different!).  The final choice: PMS 640c blue and PMS 1585c orange.

Then I diddled around with layout.  The font had drop caps, so I ended up tucking Street underneath LeeLee in the space between the 2 L’s and it formed a cube.  It looked so much better than the name all on one line and wouldn’t need any kind of art or icon to go with it.

Final step: set LeeLee in orange and Street in blue, and LeeLee in blue and Street in orange.  Yipee!  We both agreed!

So after many days of trial and error, experimentation, option testing, and just plain fun, we had our logo.LeeLee Street Logo