We here at LeeLee Street, (that would be Leslie and I) are officially branching out into party planning – one of our long term goals!

Enter Moe and Giselle.  Moe hired us to plan the look and feel of Giselle’s BatMitzvah happening on June 2, from theme, colors, and decorations, to event coordination, etc. (OK, truth be told, Moe is Leslie’s sister, so its a bit of nepotism – but thats what family is for).  Not being Jewish, and never having been to a Bar or BatMitzvah, I have a lot to learn.  Until I learn all the terminology, I can only use my similar Christian terms – I apologize if I unintentionally offend anyone by doing so.

So far, I’ve figured out that the sermon part comes first and is quite long. Then the guests (number will never be firm, because its traditional for members of the congregation to attend after the service if they choose to) will move into the function hall at the temple (this temple is actually in a congregational church) where they will be fed. After the kids eat, they will go to another room where the kids’ party will be held.

Moe has requested that the function hall be simple and tasteful to keep the focus on the importance of the day.  She’d also like it to be green – using recyclable or re-usable items and the budget to be kept to a minimum. Giselle has requested that the kids party room have a Candy Land theme.

And we’re off!  I will post at every step in the process so please feel free to follow along.