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Ask me what I did this Saturday night while my husband and all 3 kids were off at some sporting event and I was home all alone! Go ahead, ask me…

Nope, didn’t go out wahoopin, didn’t even stay in under a blanket with a glass of wine and a good book.  I organized my “home office” (a.k.a. my dining room).

I wish I had a before picture to show you.  You would have sworn a tornado had raged thru this one room of my house.  We just finished up a mad dash of product development and packaging testing getting a couple new products ready for a deadline.  I had thrown all my paper scraps on the floor as each was created.  The table (which is 7 feet long), was covered in teetering stacks of paperwork, marked up layouts, left over scraps from fabric swatches, ripped open plastic bags, buried rulers.  Not an inch of wood was visible.

And now this.  Ahhhhh…..

Granted the shelf it totally tacky but it was up for grabs. Empty shelving units are a rarity in this house where my husband re-organizes monthly when he gets too stressed out.  And it was supposed to be a temporary fix until he can find someone with a little more girth than myself to carry our old TV armoire down a flight of stairs. He was against the armoire because it was too bulky for the doorway it would be next to.  And I hate to admit it, but he was right! Now if I can just keep it this neat…

A few weeks ago, I went to the Aveda store to get some facial cleanser.  The woman behind the counter politely greeted me and asked how she could help me.  I told her what I was looking for and asked if she’d recommend anything different than what I had been using for the past 10 years.  And she looked at me and said “You’re a minimalist aren’t you?”

Sure, I was standing in front of her in my fanciest ripped jeans and a fleece, my hair elegantly pulled back in a clip, my sexy un-manicured nails, and the only speck of makeup on my model-like face being concealer trying unsuccessfully to hide my ever-present dark circles.

But I just can’t imagine what she might have meant by that!

We chose to accept our mission and started brainstorming and researching immediately.

This was a perfect reason to get sucked into Pinterest. It was a great, although completely addicting, tool to use for this purpose.  Leslie could pin and share the ideas she found while I created my own board to do the same.

The first thing Leslie presented to Giselle was the brightly colored mylar balloons with letters that would spell out her name.  We figured if she approved that, we’d have an instant color scheme of pink, blue, green and orange to work with.  She loved them!  Whew!  Then she showed her the rest of the ideas on both of our pin boards to get her reactions to different routes we could take.  She really liked the flowers/grass centerpieces and the galvanized steel containers as well as the candy store look and feel (steering away from a literal “Candyland” theme). And she chose pink as her main color.

More musing and ruminating led to a new pin board with ideas narrowed down and concept further developed.  See it here:  Leslie reviewed that with Moe over the phone who also loved and approved of the direction we were heading. An even bigger whew!

Our next step is to source these ideas out and see just how inexpensively we can do this!