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Didn’t post too much last week because we were crazy busy again getting our new products ready for a show we did last Saturday night. Loved the the show – “Girls Night Out” – grab some girlfriends and a glass of wine and shop to your hearts content (!

Our old faithful crayons did great! Especially the poop crayon, just in time for April Fools the next day.

However, our new products were not quite as successful.  So we sat down to figure out why.  Part of the issue was that we had to explain that the crayons were crayons, causing people to pay the most attention to them.  We forgot to bring our sign that says “We’re crayons – collect us all.” An easy fix for our next show.

The harder thing to fix is the issue of packaging and display.  We’ve decided to put our DIY banner kit on the back burner until we can do a total re-design.  The felt banner packaging is acceptable but we need to display them more creatively. We learned that no one pays any attention to what is hanging on the front of your table – where we had the samples hanging at this show. So a table top sign and display are needed  for that.  And possibly some kind of stands to go behind the table that we can string the banners between.

The paper rolls had a good reaction, we just need to suggestive sell them more.

We also had mini-cupcakes for people to munch on with their wine, figuring while they were eating, they would check out our products. Unfortunately, they were too much of a distraction because we had to explain that they were edible and not crayons themselves!  They also made the table that much more crowded.  Live and learn.

So it’s off to the drawing board to prepare for Friday!

I think I just saved my son Bobby from the curse of life in a bubble!
     When I found out the only thing he knew of Spam was junk email, I knew I had a mission. How could he not know about the Monty Python skit? Worse yet, how could he not be aware of the classic meat in a can?
     There’s a running joke with my college friends, that you must live in a bubble if you’ve never heard of Spam before (like my friend Betty). Spam was a staple on the pantry shelves of blue collar families from my generation. But alas, the fine art of cooking spam and eggs on Saturday morning, or perhaps spam and rice dinner on Sundays after church, has been lost on this generation!
     I just couldn’t let my son live a life of ignorance any longer. So off to Market Basket I went, completely mortified to have the can in my cart (the things you do for your kids). Today after school, he gently pulled the key and peeled back the cover only to be instantly horrified.  I could smell the fine odour from the next room.
     And I now realize I’ve been wrong all these years.  I don’t think I ever did have Spam before, because I’d remember that stink! Smells like cat food – and looks like it too. Ingredients say pork with ham.  Huh? I think the contents of this can must be the pig equivalent of pink slime.
     There is no way any of my kids would go near it, never mind have it for dinner. Jack actually shivered when he saw it!
     Betty, be glad, be very very glad that you’ve never had Spam before!