I’m not particularly into Mother’s Day and neither is my mother. But it is nice to get a little recognition from your kids. Who doesn’t love a macaroni necklace? I’ll treasure my 3 forever. After all its a piece of their creative youth that will soon be gone.

Usually my husband or maybe a teacher is responsible for whatever it is they give me.  My favorite is my mothers ring. Its just a plain white gold band with a little bitty diamond and 2 aquamarines in it – my kids birthstones. But every time I look at it I think of them and I get to have them with me where ever I go.

No one can explain the overwhelming love you feel once  you become a mother. You just have to become one. The way you cry because you’re no longer providing for them when you wean them, the way you literally feel their pain when they break their arm falling off the monkey bars, the worry you feel when they go on their first solo bike ride fearing you may never see them again. So all those kids out there won’t get the fact that their parents would literally die for them for many many more years.

And once you have your own kids, you appreciate your own mother so much more.  I think of mine as a single mother of 3, never getting break, having to always be the one to put us to bed, always be the one to get us dinner, always be the one to take us here there and every where, always be the one to deal with our melt downs, and always be the one to deal with every I want I want I want. With no help and no end in sight. And she never complained, she never yelled, she never lost it. (Exact opposite of me!)

Although she lives only an hour away, I don’t see her very often.  We email most (I hate phones).  But I know she’s always there to answer my questions, help out when I need her, share the goofy stories about my kids with, and just offer support. What would I do without her?

So on this mothers day, I want to wish every mother out there, but especially mine, an overwhelmingly love filled day.  And thanks for all you’ve done and continue to do!  And to all the kids out there, all you really need to do today is give Mom a big hug and tell her you love her.  What more could we ask for!