Last weekend I went to see my Aunt in Maine and spent most of the visit wandering around her house checking it all out.  Everywhere I turned there was something just a little unusual to see.  So I had to grab my camera and document some of its eclecticness (not sure if thats even a word).  Take a look:

the front door (see what I mean?).

you might expect to see this…

but would you expect this?
chairs as wall art!

you might expect this…

but what about this? especially in the same room.

perhaps you’d even expect this (other than the roll of bandages on the bow).

but I know I wasn’t expecting to see an antique firearm in the fireplace!

from classic…

to quirky…

to modern.

there’s even a cathedral ceilinged potting area

complete with artwork.

complete set of bound Gourmet magazines back to 1977.

hardwood inset in frames of granite.

casual gathering on the back patio – happy birthday Dad!