This post is dedicated to our families – we couldn’t do it without you!

When you have a business run from your home, everyone gets involved.  And thank goodness they do!  In our business, the kids help sort and peel the crayons, test the new shapes, and are great for free market research.  My husband, who runs the computer artist department at an ad agency, helps in so many ways, from answering all my rapid fire questions about how to do this or that in each program, and completely re-designing my rough attempts at new ads, and helping me solve issues with our emailed newsletters, to building a display for our new pennant banners.  Leslie’s husband recently spent an entire day peeling crayons for us.  And he had a friend in his engineering department at work develop a tool to make the peeling easier (in his free time of course!).  My mother, the smartest person I know, is our proof reader (although not of this blog unfortunately). My brother, who has a very successful blog (, helps with blogging and technical advice. And my father is my photography mentor.

I just wanted them all to know how much I appreciate all the help they’ve given us to get this business up and running.  As well as putting up with the house not always being spic and span (ok, never), having to share my attention with an email or blog I might be writing, and getting woken up in the wee hours when I finally come to bed.  I love you guys!