Well, I’ve been hesitating to write this blog because I’m so completely bummed that I don’t have any great photos to show the results of all the hard work and planning that went into this bat mitzvah! Both Leslie and I had camera issues. Mine was that I still don’t really know how to use my new one, and hers was that she needs a new one. I didn’t have mine on auto focus so my photos are not all that clear.  Her’s took all double images.

But, that said, the event itself was great! The guest of honor did an exemplar job during the services. She and her mom should be proud of what a wonderful young woman she has grown into.

It was truly an excercise in working with and around what we had – which included a host who honorably wanted to stress the significance and meaning of the event more than the celebration afterwards.  This meant keeping the decorations and theme very limited in the function room for the luncheon.  The only place we could have at it was in the kids party room, but that room had many physical obstacles to work around.  And everything had to be done on a very limited budget. It was a challenge, but a fun one that we really enjoyed!

Kids table

I only have one terrible photo to share of the function room and the set up for the luncheon.  But as a quick run down, the dining tables had gathered fuschia runners with a centerpiece in the middle.  The adult tables had galvanized steel buckets planted with wheat grass and gerbera daisies.  Kids tables had rectangular lime green blocks wrapped in candy button strips with swirl and regular lollipops arranged on the top.

flower centerpieces

In the center of the room was the cupcake table covered in a fuschia tablecloth with 75 cupcakes in green and blue cupcake wrappers, frosted in white and adorned with a small swirl lollipop all stacked on a cupcake stand and overflowing onto the table itself.  Food tables ran down the side of the room, covered in fuschia table runners and displays of scrumptious lunch selections. At the end of the room was a beverage and a dessert table.

setting up

Down the hall, the kids party room was decorated in a candy shoppe theme.  The colors, pink, orange, lime and light blue with a little purple, were determined by some very fun balloons, found on line, that spelled out Gabby’s (a.k.a. Giselle’s) name. These were hung over the DJ’s table. The room itself was a little too big for the amount of guests and there was a LOT of junk like ladders and vacuums and kids toys and a piano, that we had to hide.  So we used the room dividers that were also there to do so, while keeping as many of the windows unblocked to optimize the natural light.

To try to liven the room up a little, we made “curtains” by draping plastic table cloths in our fuschia color behind the existing valances.  We also took advantage of the room’s chalk board to block off the fireplace opening and put a table in front of that for the candy.  All kinds of classic candy options in various glass containers were arranged on the table with some raised up for visual interest.  The table they had was 8 feet long so to fill it up, we put the galvanized drink bin on the table too. For continuity from the function room to the party room, on the candy table there were flowers similar to the centerpieces, but in a taller french pail and added large swirl lollipops.

the banner

The “Gabby’s Candy Shoppe” banner was made using paper to match the balloon colors, hand cut and sewn onto pink ribbon.  The letters were cut on a Cricut machine and glued on.  For a little more pop, we added tissue paper pom poms – they give a lot of bang for the buck. They were hung on either side of the bulletin board as well as from all the ceiling light fixtures.  To keep them from flattening out on one side, we left the tissue paper folded and didn’t fluff them out until the morning of set up right before they were hung.


To fill in some empty wall space, we made huge lollipops out of white painted wrapping paper rolls with balloons covered in cellophane attached to the tops.  There was a big chance these were going to look tacky, but they turned out to be pretty cute! To conceal a bulletin board that was bolted to the wall, we covered it with lime green wrapping paper, glued on talk bubbles, and hung a pink marker so that everyone could leave well wishes for the guest of honor.  She ended up taking it home and hanging it in her bedroom she liked it so much!

The DJ kept the party rocking all afternoon with great music, dancing, games and prizes.  The kids got way too sugared up on all the candy. And the adults had a great time watching (and some even participated in) the shenanigans. All in all it was a very successful day. And a huge congratulations goes out to Gabby!