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Yesterday, when I went to do a long overdue cleaning of the bathroom, I remembered I had seen something on Pinterest about a great way to clean soap scum.  So I decided to try it out.

Seemed super easy – you just mix equal parts of Dawn dish soap and warmed up vinegar in a squirt bottle. And I had all the necessary items on hand already.

I heated my vinegar (about 1/3 cup) in the microwave in a Pyrex measuring cup for 2 minutes.  That was actually a bit long – it was pretty hot.  And when I poured it into my squirt bottle it softened the plastic so the bottom of it is no longer flat! I should get a new squirt bottle for this anyways because this one only does a fine stream.  It looked like I had drawn blue lines all over my tub surround.

But I will say that this worked wonderfully. My tiles are finally all nice and shiny again!

The only complaint I have is that it takes a lot of rinsing to wash away all the Dawn. Think about how many bubbles 1/3 cup of dish soap makes! Next time I might try it with less soap and see if it still works.

The other important part of creating a listing, in addition to photographs, is the copy. On Etsy, you need to have a title for your item, an item description, and tags for each listing so it can be found in a search. Also you have to write all the shop info and policies, a seller profile, and a shop announcement.  We decided we’d try to be a little creative in our titles and descriptions and use quotes or familiar sayings as well as cute ways the crayons could be used.

Leslie is a little intimidated by writing, as so many people are, so she researches the quotes and ideas, then writes her notes as drafts, and I tweak them into complete sentences and paragraphs.  It works – she’s the idea person and I execute. We finally got it down to a science so we’d only need to change a couple things from listing to listing. Here’s an example:

The hardest part was the seller profile.  The theory is to be personal so the buyer feels a connection, like they know you, and will want to buy from your shop that much more. So we combined parts of Leslie and I and created a fictional spokesperson for the company and named her LeeLee.  She’s a little more lovey and quirky than either of us though. We try to remember to write everything in the first person and sign everything from LeeLee, but as I said, a copywriter I am not …

Our name is in print!

Our crayons got reviewed on the Mommy Testers website:

And we got mentioned by name in this write up:

Come see us next Saturday, August 25th!

We’re going to be at the Salem Jazz and Soul Festival this Saturday, August 18th at the Salem Willows from 11:30 to 6:30.  Come visit there too!

I just wanted to update a couple of old posts.

Here’s a photo of what my pallet planter looks like now (original post was “One postive result of my pinterest obsession” from May 29th).

As you can see, things have grown a bit – especially what was supposed to turn into romaine lettuce. Not sure what has taken over its soul but it is now a towering monstrosity with a flowering spike coming out the top! And that thing on the bottom right that I still forget the name of. And the mint of course – yeah Mojitos!

Unfortunately a few things have died due to my lack of green thumb. Alas, there was originally 2 vincas on either side of the lettuce spikes and 2 lobelia in the top row. But at least its still fairly balanced.

Next, regarding football and my 10 year old… (original post was “Is football OK for a 10 year old?” from February 6th).

We went for it! Please don’t let him get hurt…Please don’t let him get hurt…Please don’t let him get hurt!

We had the name and the logo, now how to use them.

We needed some interesting packaging to really showcase these nifty crayons. Leslie had found some fun round shaped cellophane bags at the local craft store, but we wanted them to look finished and professional.  So I designed some tags to attach to the tops of the bags.  Because the bag’s shape was fairly unique, the tag shape needed to be too.  I wanted it to follow the angled shape of the top of the bag.  In the beginning, all we had on these tags was a logo and web address on both sides.  But even that was a little beyond my abilities in InDesign (our page layout program), so I had to enlist my husband’s help.  And they came out great!  Clean, simple and just a little different.

Check them out:

(Again, sorry for these posts being out of order.  Thats what I get for writing way in advance!)