We had the name and the logo, now how to use them.

We needed some interesting packaging to really showcase these nifty crayons. Leslie had found some fun round shaped cellophane bags at the local craft store, but we wanted them to look finished and professional.  So I designed some tags to attach to the tops of the bags.  Because the bag’s shape was fairly unique, the tag shape needed to be too.  I wanted it to follow the angled shape of the top of the bag.  In the beginning, all we had on these tags was a logo and web address on both sides.  But even that was a little beyond my abilities in InDesign (our page layout program), so I had to enlist my husband’s help.  And they came out great!  Clean, simple and just a little different.

Check them out:

(Again, sorry for these posts being out of order.  Thats what I get for writing way in advance!)