Remember how we had that lame sales day at the show?  Well, not 2 days later Leslie excitedly told me that we had an appointment with a wholesale customer.

I was like, “whoa, hey, what?” Because all I could think of in my production type mind was, oh no, we don’t have packaging for selling singles.  We don’t have order forms.  What kind of promotional info do we need, etc, etc, etc.

Turns out, she was bummed about not selling much at the show and had the great idea to see if any of the down town banks would want to give out our halloween crayons at the city’s annual Trick or Treat event. Unfortunately the people she needed to ask weren’t in, so she popped in at our local gift store, Casa de Moda ( The owner, Jan, was happy to give lots of pointers on how to tweak our product and packaging for retail and how to sell to retailers. About a month later we went back with our changes and made our first sale!

From there we went to the local toy store, who immediately said sure, I’ll try them.  That took us by surprise as we stood there dumbfounded saying ok, now what?  I think our product is so inexpensive that its not a huge investment for store owners to try them, so we’ve been fairly successful in the wholesale market.  We now have our crayons in 9 different stores with more to come!