It was a sad day in our household yesterday. Sandy the gecko passed away.
Actually it could have been the night before – I didn’t notice til last evening that she was in the exact same position that she was in in the morning. I was not surprised. The way you tell if a gecko is healthy is if they have a nice fat tail. Well this little one’s tail had become the width of an iphone’s charging cord. I even got her more crickets, although she still had some left from the last batch, to be sure she wasn’t starving. But I guess it was just Sandy’s time.
7 yr old Jack’s reaction – “oh”
7 yr old Dylan’s reaction – “can we get a new one tomorrow?”
10 yr old Bobby’s reaction – uncontrollable sobs for hours until he went to bed in our bed with Daddy!
This is the first pet, if I can even call our past fish, hamster, and hermit crabs pets, that he has done more than shrug at the loss of.  I have no idea if his reaction was a result of being especially attached to Sandy, if it was a sign of his maturing age and understanding, or if he was just particularly tired from a weekend of practices and games (lost their first hockey game but won their first football game!).
And I probably never will know.
We cleared the tank away before he got up and he was very chipper this morning – which, seeing as he is not a morning person at all, is quite a rarity and a very pleasing surprise.
We’ll see if he ever brings Sandy up again.