We chose to accept our mission and started brainstorming and researching immediately.

This was a perfect reason to get sucked into Pinterest. It was a great, although completely addicting, tool to use for this purpose.  Leslie could pin and share the ideas she found while I created my own board to do the same.

The first thing Leslie presented to Giselle was the brightly colored mylar balloons with letters that would spell out her name.  We figured if she approved that, we’d have an instant color scheme of pink, blue, green and orange to work with.  She loved them!  Whew!  Then she showed her the rest of the ideas on both of our pin boards to get her reactions to different routes we could take.  She really liked the flowers/grass centerpieces and the galvanized steel containers as well as the candy store look and feel (steering away from a literal “Candyland” theme). And she chose pink as her main color.

More musing and ruminating led to a new pin board with ideas narrowed down and concept further developed.  See it here: http://pinterest.com/leeleestreet/candy-theme-giselle-s-party/  Leslie reviewed that with Moe over the phone who also loved and approved of the direction we were heading. An even bigger whew!

Our next step is to source these ideas out and see just how inexpensively we can do this!